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Bookaniftar.com, when you think of it, is a very simple solution. We, Bangloreans, cannot think of an iftar without Samosas as the Hyderabadis cannot think of the same without Haleem. All we have done is add a few essentials and made it into a deliverable product. We love keeping it simple.

Bookmyiftar is brought to you by Empowering Ummah inc. which endeavors to provide beneficial services to the community by using technology to its advantage. Earlier, Empowering Ummah Inc., has launched products such as Shareaniftar.com, a donation platform to help the needy during the month of Ramadan and beyond, which was an overnight success in the year 2016 spreading more than 3000 smiles on the faces of those who were in need.

Apart from Shareaniftar.com, Empowering Ummah inc has launced platforms such as Ummathjobs.com, Sharealife.in, ngo360.org, Donateazy.com, etc., with social benefits as the core objective within the products.

We strive to provide beneficial services using technological products. That’s who we are.

And we are very open to suggestions to improve our existing services or to add more beneficial services.

Kindly feel free to write to us at support@empoweringummahinc.com

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